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G&Z has developed an outstanding engineering and design program. We have over 50 years of successful experience with assisting customers with quick turnaround and fast prototype casting development. Our expertise has rewarded our customers with unique and creative ways to solve their scheduling problems. Once a model has been approved and released to G&Z our team develops a quick prototype design. This process eliminates the need for expensive tooling and reduces the amount of waste during the approval process.

We provide these services plus offer the customer the option of machining the customer's casting or we can procure casting directly from the foundry on behalf of the customer and eliminate the extensive cost of scheduling, inventory and logistics.

Large quick prototype SLA Casting

Casting 1 Casting 2

Die Castings

(First photo represents a casting which is painted prior to machining)

IMG_0712.jpg Casting 4 IMG_0677.jpg IMG_0683.jpg

Various investment castings to be machined, plated, painted and assembled.

Casting 8 Casting 9 Casting 10 Casting 6 Casting 7

Large machined castings 16" diameter x 48" long.

Machining 8 Machining 6 Machining 7