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G&Z has assisted in the engineering and production machining for numerous arenas.

Medical Industry


Machined and assembled Optical Housing parts for Aerospace

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Parts machined from solid for guidance systems – Azimuth, Elevation and Outer ring and housing for EC Systems.

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Machined casting

Machined casting of a Lantrin ECS Frame; 13" Diameter x 19"
The mounting holes for the frame cover are required to be normal to the spline with a true position to the morman ring of .005". This requires machining in a (5) Axis mode while holding the positional tolerance over 19" long surface.

IMG_0765.jpg IMG_0761.jpg
Conical Straight

Each piece was machined from a solid piece of material.

IMG_0746.jpg IMG_0750.jpg machiningIMG_0758.jpg IMG_0674.jpg IMG_0737.jpg IMG_0685.jpg

Large machined castings 16" diameter x 48" long.

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