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Precision Bonding

Bonding of Electronic Shields and Gaskets. This chassis requires 13 applications of gaskets/shields.

Bonding 1 Bonding 2

Detail of cover bonding to cast rails for air passage.

Bonding 3 Bonding 4

Bonding Absorber

Bonding Absorber material covers the metallic impregnated material and bonds to a 32RMS surface finish. The overall height of the assembly must be held to a tolerance of .010 and located within +/-.005 of the designated area. G&Z has developed a process to maintain the thickness of these parts to a range of +/-.005

Bonding 5 IMG_0711.jpg

Structural Bonding – A combination of a Dip Brazed and Bonded chassis assembly.

Bonding 7 Bonding 8